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xbase is a chrome extension that turns 𝕏 into a knowledge base. Get note-taking, fast search, post manager, custom feeds, AI assistant, and more.

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Save your bookmarks and threads 📚

Your 𝕏 bookmarks and threads are auto-synced to xbase. Once synced, you can organize them with tags and search through them supa fast.

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Finally find that post 🏷

Organize with suepr tags. You can also sort library by threads, links, videos, images, and more

Turbo Search ⚡️

Search through your posts supa fast. sub 100ms fast.

Notes 📝

Add your thoughts to insightful 𝕏 posts.

Shortcuts ⌨️

Use shortcuts to quickly navigate through 𝕏 posts.

Use Cases

𝕏 is a goldmine of information. Here are some ways you can use 𝕏 Jarvis to get more out of 𝕏.

Questions & Answers

Ask us anything. We're super responsive.

  • xbase is the only tool that you can use to save, draft, and schedule posts. No more switching between tools to save references, writing content, and scheduling. xbase is the only tool you need.
  • xbase is currently available as a Chrome extension. There are no near-future plans to add multiple browser support.
  • Your data is stored locally on your machine. We do not store any of your data on our servers.
  • Yes, we provide full refunds within 7 days of purchase.

The first productivity app for 𝕏 pros